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20 years ago, it was uncommon to encounter someone with life-threatening allergies, and today, 1 in every 3 Americans are affected, including an increasing number in children.  60 Million Americans are affected by allergies or allergy-related symptoms -- it's evident a solution is needed.  

Allergies cannot be cured, but they can be managed.  Your patients don't have to go through life suffering and in discomfort. We have the right solution for the growing Allergy epidemic, and Your Practice is the the key.  

Our approach is simple.  We've taken past, proven medical techniques and we've brought them to your offices in order to provide only the best service and standards in patient care, during the desensitization and relief processes.


How Does it Work? 

  • Now you can offer in-house Allergy Relief to your patients 

  • We employ & place an Allergy Technician in your office

  • Our healthcare professional handles Insurance verification of benefits, patient scheduling & patient records

  • Our technician performs allergy tests (skin prick & intradermal), diagnostics, patient education & treatment plans

  • We provide all equipment & testing materials


What Can You Expect? 

  • There is NO COST to you for our services

  • This is a partnership

  • Your practice can generate an additional profit of $13-$19K per month for testing 1 patient per day, per month (most practices grow to see an average of 5 patients per day, per month totaling $100,000 in additional monthly revenue, or 1.2 Million per year)

What You Need to Provide:
  • A patient examination room (ample room for a small fridge)
  • Patients with Allergies or Allergy Symptoms
  • We handle everything else & we assist in the billing process 



Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) Part 1 & 2

Schedule a Call With a Program Director to Learn

More About Becoming a Partner

Thank you for your inquiry. I will personally reach out with a greeting within 24-48 hours. I look forward to speaking with you about a potential partnership soon.

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