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A Mom's Guide to Fighting off Allergies All Season Long!

Today Allergies affect nearly a third of Americans, reaching epidemic proportions and remain to rise in children. Children are becoming allergic to the same exposures as their parents; increasing exposure to toxins like formaldehyde and synthetic fragrances in their homes; depletion of beneficial bacteria through exposure to antibiotics, pesticides, and herbicides in food; and the use of antibacterial soaps, shampoos, and cleaning products.

Nutrition has an overwhelming effect when exposed to environmental changes. Making smarter choices when it comes to the products we use and the foods we ingest can play a significant role in our health.

Start taking the right steps in fighting off allergies today! Make smarter, healthier choices when you follow our guide to reducing allergies & allergic reactions:

o Eat organic fruits and vegetables

o Add more herbs, spices, seeds & non-allergenic nuts

o Stay away from fast foods as much as possible (they are high in unhealthy fats and sugars) increasing susceptibility

o Purchase organic all purpose cleaners (some suggestion Brands include; ECOS, Seventh Generation and Method)

o Use organic hair, skin products (there is an abundance of natural, organic beauty products). Research products online, or in local stores (Whole Foods, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS)

o Purchase organic meats and poultry

o Cook with less fat

o Stay away from any processed foods. Less is best.

o Research safer, organic and all-natural products online

o Remove old carpets or carpeting from the house (they are a haven for dust mites and moisture)

o Don’t allow pets to sleep in the beds

o Rethink certain plants

o Run your air conditioner (as long as the filter is clean)

o Scout your bathrooms regularly

o This one sounds odd but if you workout outdoors, you may want to rethink your workout times. Working out in the early morning hours are the highest times for pollen – change your workouts to later in the day (after work), or workout indoors.

o Leave your shoes at the door or in the garage (they carry pollutants)

o Wash stuffed animals each year

o Air out new purchases (appliances, clothing, shoes etc.)

o Last but not the least, for obvious reasons, you will want to buy the right vacuum for your home

Start taking an active role in keeping your family healthier this allergy season!

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