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About Us

The medical industry was built on the idea of and the constant need to always be improving the patient’s quality of life.   
With over 60 million Americans suffering from allergies or allergy related symptoms, there has been a strong need for a solution to what has become an epidemic. Our comprehensive testing and treatment will allow your patients to live a life without allergies.


Our Ancillary Services


Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy

Our comprehensive testing and treatment plan allows your patients to live a happier, healthier allergy-free life. Once tested for allergies, patients can begin treatment options that will eliminate their need to use over the counter or prescription medications. The ability to receive treatment for allergies will not only help to desensitize the patient to their allergies, but it will also eliminate the side effects associated with previously necessary medications and allow them to enjoy new environments.


Nerve Conduction & Electromyography

Nerve conduction and Electromyography (EMG) tests are performed to find and locate any blockages in the nerve pathway, nerve damage leading from the brain and spinal cord, help to diagnose nerve disorders and to locate the original source of numbness and abnormal sensations.  Electromyography tests are performed to diagnose diseases that damage muscle tissue, nerves or the points where nerves and muscles join. These tests help to find the cause of weakness, paralysis and more.

Doctor with Files

Medical Billing

EHR and Billing solutions is an affordable integrated EHR, Telemedicine, RCM, Clearinghouse, Patient Portal and Practice Management Solution that is designed to make your practice easier for you, your staff and your patients.

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